Made in Maine Moccasins

Importance of Made in Maine Moccasins and Made in USA Footwear

Footwear made in Maine has deep heritage and long tradition. For many years, a large amount of footwear was produced in Maine and synonymous with the standard of high quality.

As time went on companies moved manufacturing overseas for cheap labor and higher profit but that resulted in lower quality material and construction in footwear. As a result the ‘Made in Maine’ and ‘Made in USA’ labels were on the verge of disappearing from the US. Now almost 98 percent of footwear sold in the USA is made overseas. Customers have begun expressing concerns about the quality and origin of their footwear.

However, Wassookeag Moccasins has followed the tradition of Made in Maine footwear since its inception in 2010. Wassookeag Moccasins has a deep understanding of genuine hand-sewn moccasins and sources all the materials we use from USA suppliers. Our small shop is still located in the heart of Dexter, Maine where we still craft our moccasins by hand.

Why Made in Maine and Made in USA Moccasins are Superior

Made in the USA has some of the thickest buffalo and bullhide leather that is found anywhere. This allows us to use 8 to 9 ounce leather in all 3 layers of our triple sole canoe moccasins.

We still use genuine hand sewing in our moccasin construction. The benefit of genuine hand sewing is a more formed fit around the last when the moccasin is being constructed. This method allows our hand sewers to make up for any inconsistencies in the leather materials which invariable exist. This is why hand sewing is a superior form of moccasin construction and gives a more consistent and better fitting moccasin.

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience the quality and comfort of moccasins Made in Maine moccasins shop our products. We have the most comfortable for mens moccasins  and women moccasins. Since our footwear is made to order, please allow a 3 week turn around time plus 2 to 3 days shipping.