5 Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Moccasins

Taking care of handcrafted, premium leather Wassookeag Moccasins can extend and preserve the life of your moccasins for years to come. The process is easy if you follow our simple tips and understand basic leather care.

When wearing leather moccasins on a daily basis or on special occasions consider the following.

Tip 1: Consider the Weather:

Footwear made of cowhide, bull hide, or buffalo hide like the Wassookeag Moccasins are premium grade and can be preserved by applying proper leather conditioners. Even with conditioners and water proofing agents it is best to avoid exposing them to large amounts of water. However, if they do get wet they will dry.

In the event, your Moccasins do get wet, its best to let them air dry or use some dry towels. High heat like a dryer can cause the leather to shrink or crack. Just letting the shoes air should be sufficient.

If you somehow manage to soak your Moccasins completely, stuff the inside with paper or cotton towels. For half an hour, let the towels soak up the moisture. Then, replace the towels with another and repeat the process. Once you have gotten rid of as much moisture as you possibly can, leave it close to a fan to dry.

If you have Wassookeag boots, untie the laces after you have taken your shoes off. You want your Moccasins to get as much air as possible. If you are in Maine then expect to see some kind of rain.

Tip 2: Get A Shoe Tree

Leather is permeable. It tends to absorb the humidity in nature. This leads the leather shoes to lose structure as they get destroyed internally. A shoe tree attracts the moisture to itself, leaving your shoes in their crisp, creaseless state. Even if you never get around following all the other shoe care and related items tips, this one alone could ensure your Moccasins longevity. Make sure you have the right sized shoe tree so your moccasins don't get over stretched. Remember a shoe tree and a shoe last are two different things. 

Tip 3: Clean and Polish Regularly

Clean Them Regularly

Regularly dust your leather shoes with a microfiber cloth or a brush anytime you see dirt or grime build up. As you periodically and properly clean your moccasins, the leathers natural beauty will come out.

Polish Them At Regular Intervals

To keep your leather moccasins supple and prevent them from cracking we suggest you use a mink oil or other good leather conditioner as needed.

Mink oil or other good leather conditioner replenishes leather with the right amount of moisture. Additionally, a good conditioner deters dirt and water from settling on leather. We recommend putting a small amount of later condition on a clean dry rag. Then lightly rub the rag onto the moccasins in a circular pattern. This may darken the leather color once applied so we recommend that you first apply and test to small area.

To clean the deer skin leather in the lined styles we recommend using a mild soap and water mixture. Place the soapy mixture on a dry clean cloth and wring out excess before wiping down the deerskin.

Tip 4: Don’t Wear The Same Pair Every Day

Our customers like to have more than one pair of Wassookeag Moccasins. Many customers have a pair to wear inside and a pair to wear outside.

Since your feet sweat and the moisture seeps into the leather giving your moccasins a chance to air dry can greatly extend the life of both pair. Which is why rotating your moccasins is a good idea.

By alternating the pairs, you give your Moccasins a chance to dry properly. It prevents any moisture the leather might have absorbed from stretching or creasing.

Tip 5: Use A Dust Bag For Storage

If you don’t use your Moccasins regularly, you must secure them in a dust bag made of a breathable material like cotton. It deters dust from settling on the leather and still gives the material enough room to breathe so it doesn’t stain.